America Never Was

Where, when, how did America go wrong?

Where did America go wrong?

Was it when inhuman drones flew against small and impoverished countries to assassinate and wage a war without comparable cost or risk to us?

Was it when torture was used to wage war on an abstract idea called Terror?

Was it when we decided that wars could be started by us to prevent an attack against us?

Was it when concerns for liberty and human rights masked an effort to secure oil reserves?

Was it when a political ad featured Willie Horton in order to inject racial fear and animus and lift the fortunes of a failing campaign?

Was it when we made a civil war in a third world country in southeast Asia the focus of all our military might?

Was it when we collected colonies in the Caribbean and Pacific?

Was it when we expanded our territory into Mexico?

Was it when we spent decades pushing a native population to the point of extinction?

Was it when we wrote slavery into our constitution?

Was it when the Boston Tea Party tortured, tarred and feathered opponents?

Was it when the church promulgated a Doctrine of Discovery that allowed slavery and initiated conquest?

Was it when Cain raised his hand against Abel?

“Americans are persuaded that our society is so essentially virtuous that only malice could prompt criticism of our actions.”  – – Reinhold Niebuhr, “The Irony of American History”
Langston Huges – “Let America Be America Again”
“We Could Have Been Canada: Was the American Revolution such a good idea?” By Adam Gopnik
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Riverside Church  “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence”  April 4, 1967

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